Enjoy the music flow

Andrea Oliva


Concerts, Here and now



Musician (flautist) and professor of Flute at the Conservatorio della Svizzera italiana
What would I suggest to my colleagues to better tackle the performance?
Precisely, what I’ve been trying to do in the last few months and years: i.e. to focus exactly on the music as it comes. To live the here and now of what I’m playing.
To enjoy every bar as it comes.
Do not think about the past if for example a mistake was made, and holds your mind back.
And do not think about the future. If there is going to be a difficult part, don’t panic, and don’t think about it before it comes.
So: enjoy the music as it comes and flows, bar after bar.
I try and stick to the “here and now” in the performance. And I recommend this to everyone because it works, it makes you relaxed and greatly puts your mind at rest.

Design for Wellbeing is a collaborative research project coordinated by the Laboratory of Visual Culture and the Conservatorio Svizzera italiana and funded by the SUPSI in partnership with Accademia Teatro Dimitri.