Partners project

Musical Impact

Musical Impact generates new knowledge of the physical and mental demands of music making, contribute new insight into chronic and acute health problems and their impact over time, and examine effective strategies for health promotion.

Tellmi - Technology Enhanced Learning of Musical Instrument Performance

The main aim of the TELMI project is to study how we learn musical instruments, taking the violin as a case study, from a pedagogical and scientific perspective and to create new interactive, assistive, self-learning, augmented-feedback, and social-aware systems complementary to traditional teaching.

Healthy Conservatoires Network

The Healthy Conservatoires Network brings together key stakeholders from across UK Conservatoires and wider performing arts sector to assist in maintaining, developing and supporting aspects of health promotion and occupational well-being for performing artists.

Ticino Musica

Ticino Musica is an international meeting of young musicians coming from all around the world. Ticino Musica has been going on since 1979, and today is known with the name Ticino Musica international Classic. Apart from being a cultural and social event, it is also a touristic attraction. Each year it brings in Ticino a group of 500 people between students, teachers, supporting staff, parents and the like, all coming from different parts of the world, and have them interact with the general public in most major cities in the Canton, in smaller towns, in rural contexts, and in well recognized venues contributing to the development of the territory.


Nel panorama internazionale l’OSI ha saputo qualificarsi come orchestra di punta a livello europeo. Fin dagli anni ’30 l’Orchestra ha contribuito in maniera determinante allo sviluppo musicale del territorio della Svizzera italiana. L’Orchestra della Svizzera italiana è una delle 14 formazioni a livello professionale attive in Svizzera. Si compone di 41 musicisti stabili e divide la sua attività tra stagioni concertistiche regionali, iniziative per la popolazione, collaborazioni con il Conservatorio della Svizzera italiana e concerti in trasferta nel resto della Svizzera e all’estero.