Go slowly and study in depth

Andrea Oliva


Calm, Flute, Preparation



Musician (flautist) and professor of Flute at the Conservatorio della Svizzera italiana
If I had to meet myself and be the teacher of my young self, I would recommend that you keep this temperament, which I have luckily shown during auditions and concerts, but to study at a slower pace, to study more often slowly. This is something that I started to appreciate when I grew up, even though they used to tell me this all the time.
And to study the music scales more, something I started to appreciate when I was a little older. I also understood the real benefit from a slow and regular study of scales, But also to keep this “cheek” in tackling the performance with great fluency, with a lot of preparation but also being stubborn and willing to face the stage. Present your pieces in a decisive manner. There, certainly, my advice is: keep calm, go slowly and study in depth.

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